Barb Ziegler, Butterfly Project Volunteer

Date: January 28, 2014 Author: spfs_admin Categories: Testimonials

The Butterfly Project and SPFS Scholars 
by Barb Ziegler

Barb ZieglerBarb ZieglerIt was such a wonderful opportunity to share the history and meaning of the Children’s Holocaust Memorial with students from Shalom Park Freedom School  Summer 2013. Many had done some studying of the Holocaust at their school so were familiar with what I had to say. All were interested and really listened. They each received a certificate with the name of a child that perished in the Holocaust and we asked some of the students to read the name on their certificate aloud. We talked about names and how they are different and unique, just as each student is different and unique. All the painted butterflies were special and the students took them home to show their family and tell them about their visit to the Levine Jewish Community Center’s Butterfly Garden.  I look forward to spending time with the Shalom Park Freedom School scholars again next summer.